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Time off work


I'm struggling with bulimia since having my daughter 8 mths ago. I am back in work but need time out to get treatment and I am wondering if anyone here had to go on the sick and how long they took off so I have a guide line.

I understand we are all different and recover at different speeds.

I have had an eating disorder for the past 20 years I was OK when pregnant but it's back worse than ever before.

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Hi, I’m currently getting treatment (atypical anorexia), have depression and anxiety. I lost my mum recently and my head and physical being just couldn’t cope with everything. I decided that work was the one stress I could step away from for now...a hard decision as I hadn’t had any sick days for over 20years! They don’t know about my eating disorder but with bereavement and suffering from fatigue due to another medical illness as the reasons I decided to speak to the Dr. I’ve been off for 3 months now. I am fortunate that I get full pay for 6 months...just don’t feel ready for work.

You need to check your contract/handbook for information about sick leave. If you aren’t fit to work for whatever reason then don’t. Your health and well-being is so important and if you don’t deal with you things will only get worse. There’s only so long you can paint a smile on things without breaking!

Sorry, not much help! You could also speak to someone in your HR department but they might mention it to your boss I guess. Good luck, I hope you get the support you need. Oh and the other really important thing to remember, taking time out to focus on you doesn’t mean you’re a failure...it means you’re strong...that’s what the psychologist and Dr tell me anyway!

Take care


Thank you I know I need time off and it's nice to hear you have taken time I'm getting a note tomorrow starting with 8 weeks x I wish you well I hope you are able to come to terms with your loss xxx I'm here if you need

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Hi, please take some time off not just for your sake but your daughters too, I’ve had just over year off and starting a phased return soon as Im getting inpatient care but due for discharge soon. My boss has been great which suprised me, so glad I was open and honest with him, good luck with recovery, you will beat this and get life under country x

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Thank you for sharing this with me I am meeting my boss tomorrow I wasn't going to disclose my problem but feel I need to for her to fully understand. It's really stressing me out going into work I have just been on a secondment which ended and I'm inbetween job roles I feel I'm am going to have to rush back before they can move staff into other departments but I guess my health comes firest obviously I don't need to do thus for my daughter but this illness also tells you it's not that bad when your getting help.

I wish you luck on leaving treatment and going back to work it all sounds sensible.

I haven't even got a diet sheet to stick to or a plan so I guess I need plenty of time x


Update I am now off work my sick note could erstwhile me for 4 weeks and my appointment at the hospital is in 3 1/2 weeks so will be signed off again for 4 weeks after that with being reviewed.

I am so relieved I can get the help I need now x

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