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Still struggling

Just found out my brother has cancer I wish I could take his cancer away from him he is 1 yr and 1 day older than me, I'm really scared about it, I haven't ate a decent meal it's like I'm eating junk food like potato chips or nothing at all. My heart is broken 💔 I don't want him to die from it . I have a neice or nephew on the way as well I'm kinda happy but really unsure about it. My oldest son keeps on nagging on me about my eating disorder but he will never understand why I am the way I am my hair is really thining out ball spot and I'm really overly protective about my appearance my fiance says that I'm beautiful but reality I am ugly

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I can understand your anguish - but if you are going to support your brother through this hard and difficult time you are going to need to be fit and well - and your eating disorder is clearly at a point where your health is an issue. Get to your GP and get treatment - your brother has cancer - he's getting treatment - your eating disorder is also an illness that needs treatment - get strong so you can be there for your brother - I'm sure that's what he would want for you - just as you want healing for his cancer.


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