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How can I stop binge cravings

I feel like the title is pretty self explanatory so how have you guys prevented your binge cravings?

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It may be more about distraction - I found that after meals I would be tempted to continue eating/nibbling - my strategy was to plan in activities or having people around at these times - and I found the cravings were less in this way - I also found having a structured meal plan helped - feel a craving - is "x" on the plan - if not - get on with a craft activity/clean the house - call a friend for a chat etc - and then the binge never happened. I also had counselling - and would advise this for you if you've not had any to deal with the issues behind the binge. Hope this helps.


I commend you for taking the first step. I don't think that a iindividuals true beauty comes from their weight loss or weight gain. However, I believe that you are on to something with the exercise. Good luck!


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