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I'm sorry you are struggling with this. Have you consulted a good therapist to help you through this? We are pretty good at letting you know that you're not alone here on this site but I for one am not a professional and would be devastated if I gave you miss information. Are you only binge eating or are you also binging and purging? Why did you stop exercising? What types of foods are you binging on? I know that I always feel the worst and think the worst about myself when I don't exercise. There are tons of studies out there that show the effects of exercise on our emotions and for me they are all true. Not only my mental well-being but my entire physical well-being feels better when I get back to and stick with an exercise program. I try to mix it up with Yoga, some cardio classes here and there, some strength/body building classes and just some good ole fashioned get out doors and walk! If you live in a climate conducive to getting out and walking I don't think there is anything better for mind and soul than that. Even when the temps drop (I live in a mountain state that sees cold weather & snow) there's something kinda fun about bundling up and taking a walk in the fresh, crisp air. Next time you feel like binge eating maybe try to strap on some walking shoes and get out for a walk. Another thing that always helps distract my eating is keeping a journal close by. Instead of picking up something to eat in my hands I'll pick up a pen and just start writing whatever comes to mind. Usually by the time I finish I've forgotten that I wanted to eat. Of course, as you can probably tell by this post I have no trouble writing what comes to mind. LOL! I hope this helps and let me know how you're doing.

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