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I prefer coffee over food


I love my coffee better than food due to I don't have to gain weight but sometimes I have been pressure to eat when my mind saying don't eat that you will get fat, I was laying down and I kissing my fiance he told me to get off that I'm heavy on him my mind saying well that's why I do what I do, just don't eat ,

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No I haven't cause I feel nobody understands me and my eating disorder

It's not your mind saying that it's Ana tricking you into thinking she is your mind

Ana is controlling you isn't it time you got rid of Ana and stopped believing her lies

Or do you want to spend the rest of your life being controlled by Ana ?

I feel my weight is less important than anything else, I've been through hell and back all my life, through out my child hood , teenager life , adult life marriage life been with guys that prefer woman who is model I feel less of myself I'm just tired 😴 of life period like nobody wants to be with me either it's my health problems or I'm not attractive enough for anyone

Oh my goodness I love my coffee too! To help with my following diet instead of appetite or lies, I have created food lists that are healthy that are fuel, that is energy building. I have made the decision I must eat what is on my list before I get to my reward (coffee). Building your diet around truth and education helps when the lies try that you will get fat. Also, it is important to build a healthy habit through discipline. It does get better as you step in victory :)

Just a practical way to help. Nobody will know your struggles as you do. We are all different. But I do know there is victory!!!

I pray for peace over your mind with the fight with food. I pray that your true identity becomes clear to you and bigger than this battle. I pray for the lie of the eating disorder to be broken off of you in Jesus name!!

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