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Weight gain in Anorexia Recovery


I am 17 and being treated for anorexia. For my height and age, I have restored enough weight to be just on the verge of ‘healthy’ and my bmi is around 17 (getting weighed tomorrow).

I never really looked ‘anorexic’ (the only person who thought I did was my friend who also has an ED). But now after gaining weight back my legs look absolutely huge.

All of my weight gain seems to have gone to my upper thighs! It was like one day I just woke up and they were massive. It just looks weird. I feel so uncomfortable every time they move when I walk or touch when I sit down. I have gained very little, if any, weight in my upper body. I have never heard of anyone in recovery gaining weight in thighs first (usually weight gain is around stomach).

I keep trying to convince myself that it is fluid/water weight because it seemed to appear so quickly, but I don’t think it is. Will it redistribute?

I am hoping that if I increase my intake everything will happen a bit faster, and I can properly heal. I really want to recover, and I am very proud of myself for that - it has taken me a long time to get to this mindset! Having had issues for years, I would really like to see what my adult body looks like. But I am worried that I won’t like it? What if my thighs are just a bit weirdly shaped lol?

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Try not to be bewildered by your new curves you want to recover and you are doing very well if you get dismayed the anorexia will use it as an oportunity to sneak back in

Don't be put off by your weight on thighs this is where females have weight naturally

First off, well done on your efforts so far, it's not easy but hopefully you are enjoying more freedom. It actually sounds to me like you have restored a bit of muscle mass on your thighs, which is a really good sign! Women do naturally carry a little bit more weight around their thighs, it's to do with your hormones and is a sign that everything is in working order.

Also it can take a little while to make your new body feel like home, it's a change and no matter how positive, change can be uncomfortable. Instead of hating your thighs, can you try just being neutral towards them, or doing something nice like rubbing in a nice body lotion a few times a week?

Hang in there.

Fantastic you've got weight back on and that you want to continue on your weight restoration. Its really hard when you see yourself to see the "real" person after you've had an ED - parts of us often seem huge when in reality they are a normal size. Its also about getting used to clothes feeling tight rather than baggy which we've got used to. At 17 you are still developing your adult figure - especially as you've had an ED and retarded this process - so again your shape will change with time as it matures - so stay with it - talk to those medical professionals around you to help you get the right perspective on your body image and give yourself and your body time to adjust and learn what its like to have an adult body and the diet you need to maintain a normal BMI. Good luck.

I am 56 and just recently recovered from 40 years of Anorexia. The ed voices are lies. They tell you that you are huge. It is a lie. At 17 you have healthy legs I am sure. You will distribute your weight as you recover. You do not usually get the weight in the stomach until you are older like me. LOL! Hey, you can recover from Anorexia. It takes therapy and maybe medication. Zoloft is working great for me. I have been on it for six years. Just 75 mg daily. I wish you well. Reach out, I know way too much about that Anorexic voice. Lots of experience.

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