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Throwing up for about 3 years, after affects

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Hello all, I truly appreciate this community. I’ve been throwing up on and off for about 3 years now, not a everyday thing but I’ve had many of days. About two weeks ago, I had neon green diarrhea and starting having heartburn in the middle of my chest. My poop became normal again after about 2 days and I’ve decided to completely STOP. I haven’t done it since and I’m wondering if my symptoms are normal. I have extreme gas, heartburn and acid reflux. I’ve gone to my doctor and he moved around my stomach and confirmed I had excessive gas as well as acid reflux in the middle of my chest and under my breasts. He is unaware of my self vomiting. Are these symptoms normal?! Have you all experienced this?! Thank you again!

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You need to tell your GP all the facts asap - its important that you have a full check out. Your vomiting history can seriously affect your body in a number of ways - so you do need to take the symptoms seriously - and its only by telling your GP the full story they can really help you - so please, and I know its going to take a huge amount of courage - but do tell them - and also you need your bloods checked as it can affect the electrolyte balance - and of course it affects your teeth - my dentist and my GP know my history (and I was terrified of telling them) but the treatment I have received since has been based on the truth and both said how important it was that they knew.

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