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I’m eating more and losing weight?


Hi, so this is going to be a quick post. My meal plan is three meals a day and three snacks. Since I started that meal plan, my weight has dropped even further and faster, and my bones are starting to stick out even more. Because I’m far from fully recovered, I’m kind of happy about this, but I’m also not, since I don’t want to go to hospital. And I’m not in control of this weight loss. It’s just happening no matter what I do. The doctors think I’m doing something behind their backs, but I’m really not. Has anyone had this happen before or has any idea why this could be?

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If you are eating ‘enough’ to gain weight, but are not then your body might have gone into hyper metabolism - so you nee to eat even MORE. Maybe high kcal dense foods etc.

Even more?! High kcal..? That sounds terrifying, but I don’t want to end up in hospital from this, so I can give it a go? Do you know of any such foods?

Yes, I know it is a bit terrifying... but when you are recovering from Anorexia it’s what your body needs. If you Google ‘Hypermetabolism anorexia recovery’ then some interesting articles come up. High calorie foods like nut butters, nuts, dried fruit, ice cream etc. can help you pack more calories into your day. Good luck :)

Are you compensating with any extra activity, or purging or anything? If not it could be hyper metabolism, which can happen in recovery during the refeeding process. It might be helpful to speak to a doctor or a dietician who help you work out a personalised meal plan to restore all your nutritional needs. Hyper metabolism can require A LOT of calories for weight restoration, sometimes up to 4000-5000 a day which I why I would suggest talking to a professional. And well done for your progress so far, even switching to a regular eating pattern is a positive step and helps keep you out of hospital.

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