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ABC Reminder of the Guidelines for under 16 year olds for HealthUnlocked.

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To safeguard users of ABC healthunlocked we need to remind posters that the minimum age to use the site is 16.

The advice shared on healthunlocked is anonymous and not guaranteed to be professional, so we need to ensure that younger users are not negatively impacted.

We would always encourage you to speak to a parent/ carer/ teacher/ school nurse about any difficulties in relation to eating disorders . We realise that this is very difficult at times and so if you are under 16 and need support and or guidance for yourself or someone you care about you can email ABC (Anorexia Bulimia Care) : or

or call our confidential anonymous helpline on 03000 11 12 13 Mon-Fri 09:30 -4:30.

(If the line is busy please try again later)

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This is one of your readers and support team. I had written a 16,000 small book which I will finish and maybe publish one day. One of our support members wanted me to run this by you. She thought it would be great if I could share my book with the leaders of our support group. The purpose if at all possible is sharing my experience with Anorexia. To know recovery is truly possible. It is titled ANOREXIA NERVOSA-MY JOURNEY TO RECOVERY. It will not bother me if you can't use the book or legally can't. It does not bother me either way. Please let me know.


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