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How can I stop binging?

Please help me :(

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what's happening xx


Hi planet04,

Do you think you could explain a little more about your binging? I’m not sure whether you mean binging after an anorexic fast, or a bulimic binge-purge cycle.

If it’s binging after a fast, go ahead and binge. That is your body telling you that you need all those nutrients that you’ve deprived yourself of for so long. If you were in some sort of zombie apocalypse and you were starving, if one found food, they would consume a lot in case the food got taken away again. Your body’s thinking, ‘I’d better eat what I can before the next fast starts or I’m gonna die.’

If it’s a bulimic binge-purge cycle type binge, try to take yourself away from the situation. If you’re in the kitchen, take yourself physically away from the food and do something you enjoy or something that requires great focus. Eat sitting down and eat mindfully. Be aware of what you’re putting into your mouth (but not too aware). By this, I mean please don’t obsess over every calorie because it may turn into anorexia, what I mean is don’t just shove things in your mouth mindlessly. If you eat doing something else, chances are your mind won’t be on the amount you’re eating and you’ll overeat. If all else fails, put healthy food as more of an option. Remove all the crisps, all that candy and whatnot and replace it with healthier alternatives like crackers, salad, cucumber, carrot, pretzel sticks. For meals, make something filling, as well, because you may then have that I-can’t-eat-anymore-I’m-so-full feeling earlier.

Hope this helped! If it wasn’t either of those two, just reply back!


I wish I could help, I really do. I am in the same horrific cycle of binge / purge and I cannot seem to stop. I've tried keeping busy, then the binging just cuts into my sleep time.

Please keep talking, I'm here to support and lend a shoulder wherever I can. I hope you find your solution. I continue to search for mine.

Sending love and hugs x


Hi... I was binging for 6 years and i am free for life... Contrary to popular beliefs... Its so f*cking easy to stop the nightmare... Do you have a dieting history? First off stop labelling food as good or bad. Healthy or unhealthy... No food is unhealthy if your body craves it then give it.. Your body does not crave rat poison right? If you crave sugar than eat sugar or chocolate or anything you want.. Carlsen magnus the greatest chess player eats a lot of "unhealthy" chocolate because he uses his brain so much he needs the energy from sugar.. I observed in my life if i use my brain too much like reading or in work than i crave sugar... If i dont do any mental thing i dont really crave sugarY thinga... So Listen to your body... Second be aware of your eating chew taste smell slow down when you eat and do nothing else but eating.. I tell you a secret the feeling of satisfaction happens in the mounth not the stomach. When you chew taste smell and slow down and pay attention to your food then its very hard to overeat because your brain knows that you ate enough.. When you watch tv or reading while eating then you dont pay full attention to your food so your brain does not know how much you ate so it wont give you the signal of "feeling full"... So its very important to eat only and do nothing else while eating... third. Trust in yourself and in your body... Stop giving away your power and reclaim it.. If fear from the food you put in to your body because you feel guilt beacuse its unhealthy and you are not allowed to eat what you crave then stop for a moment and ask.. Is it really bad to eat a chocolate and enjoy the pleasures it can give while nourishing my body that it craves? Who the hell claims such bullshit...? Listen there are billions of diets in the world all claim that there diet is the best diet... I tel you one thing we are all unique and everybody needs different things.. But our body has a wisdom.. Trust in that wisdom.. Your body keeps you alive beacuse it breathes for you and it beats your heart for you.. Your body digest the food for you.. Your body sends hunger sign for you and yes your body send craving signal for you... So start listening to Our body.m. and give it what it needs and stop listening to other peoples bullshit... Stop reading any healthy dieting lifestyle booms because its all just bullshit. Next.. Stop listening to any shame or Guilt from the past... It has no use. So why listening? Shame and guilt are just bullshit.... I have wasted so much time and energy to listening to such shit.. Know this you have a choice and you can stop paying attention to bullshit thoughts. Your power is your choice and its up to you and only you to choose. No one will do it for you so stop telling others about your problems... You are all alone but know this . Ou are more powerful than you think and you have the choice you can choose to stop the nightmare.. Realize your power and realize that its very very easy.. When you stop listening to others and reclaim your own power you will know your own wisdom... Go for that and dont ask for help from outside yourself.. Take responsibilty for your power... Remember always reming yourself that you are powerful and and you always have a choice. Always.. All the best.


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