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Hey guys, quick update. Its been 4 months since I started eating again and I am now 96 pounds. I will keep updating every now and then.

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fantastic news - I am so encouraged by you. hope Christmas is a great one this year - you certainly deserve it as I know how much effort recovery takes.

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Thank you so much. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. I will continue to work hard and everyones support here is really helping so thank you.


Well done , that's really good . Can I ask though if you could not post pictures. My daughter is recovering from anorexia & I know photos like that can be triggering. We all want recovery in a safe space xxx


I agree

Someone who is now recovered from an eating disorder can also say pictures like this can be really triggering

It's great your sharing your progress with others , however it's clear from the picture that your still very slim which young girls can use as competitive behaviours . I'm suprised others that have commented didn't advise the same

Keep up the good work


Thank you. I mean no disrespect when I say this but yes of course Im still slim. Recovering from it doesnt mean more stomach fat. Thats not the goal. The goal is to get healthy again and be a healthy weight and I am. Im 96 pounds now when I used to be 64. I dont post pics of me to show how slim I am. I have encouraged a lot of people and I know thay from them personally reaching out to me. I will keep updating because I encourage a lot of people. Im sorry but if you dont like my posts then please just block me or just dont look at my posts.


I meant no disrespect. A lot of people on here have helped me get through this tough time and I am just letting them know that their support has gotten me this far to where I am now. But I do this to show that its possible to recover and become healthy still.


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