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Any advice

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I cant seem to be gaining anymore weight. Im stuck at 80 pounds and everyone keeps telling me to "eat more" or "pig out, you're skinny enough" but its not that easy for me. I can barely handle the amount I'm eating now. I'm already tryin my hardest and no one seems to see that. I eat different amounts everyday but i still eat healthy and exercise. Does anyone have any advice???😞

7 Replies

Hi, well done for keeping on going. Do you have any professional support and a meal plan? You probably need to be eating about 3000 calories a day to consistently gain. Do you know how many calories you are eating? Ideally though you need an Eating disorder specialist to help you. Good luck x

I know that im only taking in atleast 1,000 calories but i feel if i eat any more than that then i feel fat and guilty and just disgusted with myself.

If you're not getting support - suggest you get to your GP and ask for a referral to a specialist (it may take quite a while to get the support you need so be warned). You could ring ABC - they are really helpful too. It may be what you eat - rather than the amounts - and how much exercise you take - eating a plateful of salad/vege fills you up - but the weight won't increase - it needs to include protein, carbs and fats - and it is amazing how much you actually need to gain weight. If its the amount that's the problem - there are protein bars and things like complan which are higher in calories but not huge in amounts.

I always eat the same thing and same amount everyday and exercise the same or more. Is that the problem???

Please do seek some help - ABC has a confidential helpline - to gain weight in-take has to more than balance out goings - and clearly if you are not gaining weight you are burning off everything you put in. Anorexia is so much about control - and eating the same everyday is part of this. To break free is really hard - and from many years of experience it is not something you can usually do on your own. It is an illness and you need treatment just like any other illness - so do seek some support.

As the others have said - consistency, support, look at the foods you are eating - are they high calorie nutrient dense foods? These are low in volume and what your body needs right now to be healthy and repair your organs and muscles. I would recommend stopping the exercise. It is not what your body needs right now. It is trying to use the calories to repair itself. Exercise can come later. I know this is hard if it is something you enjoy (I faced this and feared stopping!) but I found when I stopped my fears didn't become reality. Rest. Swapping fruits and water dense vegetables for pasta, avocado, salmon, squash, nuts, full fat yoghurt etc makes a difference. Also milks - not the low calorie kind but the higher calorie kind - really helped me break this barrier. Look at the labels as some almond milk for example is 13kcal per 100ml whereas the ones we need to look at are 40+ kcal per 100ml. I hope this helps.

I totally love the fact that you are helping me. Thank you so much. It does help a lot. I just have a problem though. I feel like if i dont exercise and i eat more than i do now, i feel fat and guilty and just disgusted with myself and end up wanting to throw it up.

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