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Eating After Stomach Flu (Norovirus)


Hello everyone, I ramped up my calories last week then yesterday morning of this week fell ill with a vomiting bug (fever, aches etc). I ate three pieces of dry toast last night after the vomiting stopped and today have managed normal eating until this evening. My stomach just can't seem to take it. I don't know how to progress to get back into eating pretty large amounts compared to recent weeks, as before last week I had issues with my stomach after flying messed with my system when I went on holiday then when it got better after a few days, it happened again when I flew back. Any advice? I am already having high calorie bullets such as nut butters etc.

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Hey! I clicked on this post because I’ve had a vomiting bug this week too and it really messes with your mind in terms of eating and weight loss/gain! So I feel for you, it’s a weird one. My advice is two things, which may seem like they counter each other, but go with me - firstly go easy on yourself, let your body and your stomach recover and if that means not forcing yourself to overeat for a couple of days that’s okay, that’s illness. But secondly, and importantly, be firm with yourself and vigilant about not slipping backwards. Get back to your normal weight gain diet as soon as physically possible and stick to it, and be accountable to someone about it.

Prayers x

Houseelf in reply to Smarsh

Thank you so so much for your reply! I think in writing my post I knew the points you mentioned and wasn't really sure what is was I was asking...but it really helps hearing someone else say it and hearing someone else say how it messes with your head! I knew I had to get back to eating more before I got the virus I had literally just started. I was worried about dragging it out and was finding it hard as I didn't know what my stomach could take and I was getting very full easily. Coupled with worrying I am not 'doing' it properly or perfectly. This last bit has caused a lot of anxiety.

I'm sorry you had it too!

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