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So I have lost a bit of weight and I really don't want to gain it back. I feel fine and don't think my eating is 'disordered', I am far more relaxed than I have been in years and my blood work is fine. I understand why there are the bmi markers but I know people who are perfectly healthy just outside of these ranges. My Dr is guided by these bmi ranges and tells me "a little bit more please" and wants me to gain to a particular weight. I quite like how I am at the moment - body confident etc. I don't know what to do.

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Hi I’m sorry to hear your struggling a bit but just make sure your head is actually in a good place because to a stranger saying someone saying no to gaining a bit more weight when it’s doctor recommended is a disordered thought I think maybe a healthy reaction to this would be to gain that little bit more because it really won’t make you feel any different because you are sooo much more then a number on a scale and you should love yourself that one bit more if it will get you at your optimal health you could always get another doctors opinion but I think the one you have now just has your best interests in mind xx


If your GP is saying "a little more" - then there is a reason. Being a low BMI is not great health-wise - and if you are unwell at any time there's no reserve. Also EDs are very good at telling you everything is OK - you feel better the lower your weight is - when the reality is completely different. Suggest you take the GPs advice - that's what you'd do if they told you you'd broken your leg and it needed plastering.


Thank you both. I think I am just in a good place right now, or at least I feel like it - actually relaxed and happy - and so I don't want to have to think about weight, more food and gaining again. I hate the experience and start thinking, well others who are a bit below bmi -wise are healthy. If I hadn't been measuring I wouldn't even know, you know?


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