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Eating normally again

Hi so starting this I was only 2kg off my goals healthy weight I have now actually gone a few kg over which is perfectly fine with me but I’m kinda wanting to like return to normal eating instead of eating to gain does anyone know how to do this

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Well done for coming so far! Do you feel mentally stable and ready? Different people will likely advise different things and their are a few theories floating around. I think a lot depends upon circumstances and approach to treatment/eating again. For example, did you count calories? Others suggest you keep eating gaining amounts until your body begins to maintain as you require more calories in the months following restoration and it sends a further message to the body that it can trust you. It would be interesting to hear how others have gone around maintenance...


Yes I was counting calories but would like to stop I find it a bit of a chore and still makes me think about what I eat would much rather just go back to eating and enjoying food however I’m afraid if I stop counting calories I could end up accidentally under eating and loseing as I’m not sure with my life style how much I need to maintain


Hi! Firstly, congratulations on fighting the good fight. I am currently on maintenance myself and have found the concept of intuitive eating the most useful. This basically means that I stop with the constraining meal times etc. (except dinner which I usually eat with my family) and just eat when I feel hungry.

As a recovering bulimic this has been very helpful for me as it means that the fullness that gave me so much discomfort before can be contained.


Thanks so much and I will definitly try this it sounds like it could work in trusting my body to know what’s best


It’s trusting your body and not your head. For instance. I might look at a biscuit/cake etc and go ‘I want that’ because that’s what my body wants. But then my head might go ‘oh just a little bit’. That still means youre listening to ED if you don’t fulfill your body’s needs.

It is tough though! Just persevere xx


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