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Meal plans help please ?


Hi iv just started recovering but I was anorexic last year and became weight restored with the help of consellers a gp and for a very brief time a dietitian however I have lost weight again and want to regain but I am completly lost on meal plans I was never given any the first time and I’m not sure how best to recover and what foods I need to eat to help my bones and musesl recover best I know hoe to get calories but I get them mostly from sugar and fat which makes me feel tired and groggy

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You say you were weight restored previously - did you not have a meal plan at that point - anyway - suggest a return to your GP and ask for more help re meal planning - its so important you get the right meal plan as we all have different calorie needs - ABC also have a dietician so you could also phone their helpline for some guidance. You clearly need to get back to a balanced weight restoring diet - so please do seek help again - getting counselling alongside the weight restoration would also help I think - its really hard trying to do it alone when the anorexic voices can drown out your intentions and persuade you black is white - and that's the voice of years of experience!!

Yes I never got any meal plan I went to a dietitian before but they didn’t give me any meal plan and wasn’t very good therefore didn’t go back but managed to become weight restored on my own my gp also provided a prescription for aniexty and did weight ins to make sure I was gaining but that was it , I have already increased my calories to 2500 but I’m just worried I’m not getting the right nutrients also with regards to returning to gp and counseling etc was so expensive the first time and scant afford it

Suggest you try contacting ABC and asking about dietary advice - also - one of the nurses at your GPs may be able to advise you about getting balance back to your diet. I know its so hard - and trying to devise your own plans can lead to anxiety rather than recovery - so I hope you get some support (ABC helpline can be very busy - but you could drop them an email asking for advise - also giving them a note of your current intake might help - they also have a befriending scheme and I found the help I got from this amazing). Good luck

Thank you so so much for all your help I will try abc

Well done for the 2500kcal! I was advised a consistent three meals a day with 3 large snacks in-between but that if I was hungry for more I should listen to my body, trust it and have more. They didn't specify nutrients in case it feed my ED voice and they wanted to ensure I was restoring a good balanced relationship with food. It was things like milky porridge with a fruit and peanut butter for breakfast, 2 x toast with butter (German rye bread is good if you only want one piece) or two biscuits with milk at snack, I usually had tuna mayo and walnuts in a large sweet potato for lunch with peas or an avocado tuna fish sandwich on seeded bread, with a walnut salad, then yoghurt with almond butter, a snack bar of some sort with milk for snack then chicken and rice, pasta or something similar for supper followed by sponge and custard, then some fruit/toast and milk later on. I hope that helps!

Awhh thank you so so much this has been so helpful actually I really appricate it and yes that completly makes sense then not wanting you to worry about nutrients because it could become a fixation on good or bad foods but the addvice on healthy and calorie dense snacks really helps instead of just eating tones of buscuits to reach my goal !

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