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Period loss in recovery



I am currently in anorexia recovery. I take a contraceptive pill, and when I was loosing weight fast, I still had irregular menstruations, even if I was eating the third of what I eat now.

The problem is, I did not get my period this week, and I was supposed to get it. I was wondering if someone knows what may have caused that loss of period, even if I am actually gaining weight.

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Did you stop the pill? Or have you had any vomiting/diarrhea/antibiotics that could have interfered with it? The contraceptive pill will make you have a 'period' but it is not a true period. I'm fairly certain that if you had not been on the pill while you were losing weight, your periods would have stopped a long time ago. It's unlikely that your periods have stopped because you are gaining weight but more likely because you are still not at a weight that is healthy for you. xxx

I did not stop the pill (or at least I stopped it for the week that has no hormone in it) and I have no other medication than antidepressants that I have been taking for a couple of months now. Also, my weight is not yet at a healthy point, but I was wondering why my period stopped as I am gaining weight and not when I was loosing some.

I don't know why your 'period' hasn't come this month. Lots of things can affect it though such as stress but like i said before your periods probably stopped a long time back but the pill makes you have an artificial one xx

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