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Recovery setbacks


So recently, I have taken few steps in my recovery. It’s been a month so far. I have successfully been following my meal plan and my therapist sets me little targets every week and I try to complete most of them. However, in my desire of following my meal plan successfully I have been obsessively measuring my food to follow the recommended serving sizes. My doctor said try not to measure it and trust your mum when she gives you food but it’s hard to trust anyone when the anorexic voice says to trust no one. I’m also going back to my old ways sometimes and calorie count and get upset in doing so. I really want to recover quick but it’s hard when the voice keeps talking.

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Don't knock yourself - you've made fantastic progress so far - anorexic thoughts take time to get rid of - but focus on keeping to your meal plan - and other changes WILL follow - but don't expect to recover over night - it takes time and effort - and I'm sure with your therapist and mum on side you will get there. So focus on the progress you've made - the achievements and journey so far - and congratulate yourself - then set yourself small habit breaking targets - and just try one at a time with these - but get the food side of things right first and I'm sure other things will fall into place.

Thank you so much ☺️

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