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Facing anorexia fears

I've got rid of some bad habits such as counting calories, eating out, eating larger amounts of food and eating when hungry. But when eating unhealthily I will feel guilty or over eat will this ever stop? I also can't help thinking of food and compearing my food to my family as I eat so much more will I ever get better and will my appetite go back to normal?

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Great you've got this far and made some amazing changes - that's fantastic. Are you doing this with support - if not suggest you get some support via GP with referral to ED service or - as this takes for ever in my experience - ABC have a helpline - they also have befrienders who I found fantastic and supporting me through the early stages of eating more. All our bodies are different and needs calorific needs also vary widely - its so hard when you are apparently eating more than those around you - and the guilt you feel is all part of the ED trying to take back control. Re over-eating when feeling guilty - I made sure that I had others with me - went out - made a phone call - had an activity - when I knew I might be tempted - ie after I'd eaten a cake/pudding/something I saw as "unhealthy - I then didn't spiral down into a binge. Good luck - but do seek support as from experience recovery is not a journey to take alone.

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Hi Lilly-2, well done for stopping counting calories. I'm not sure what you mean by you've got rid of bad habits like "eating out, eating larger amounts of food and eating when hungry".

You have to remember that even though you share some meals with your family you are not always with them so they may be eating when you are not or eat larger meals at different times of the day. Also different people have different food needs depending on their activity age size and health on any day. Lastly your eating disorder will be distorting what you judge to be more/less to make you feel guilty. What I'm saying is that comparing yourself to others meal by meal is not an accurate science and you have to remind yourself that you are eating what you need to eat and they are eating what they need to eat. It is not a competition.

Are you seeing any professionals for your disorder? You can always call the ABC help line if you need guidance.

Be kind to yourself

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Thanks for your help and i have not told anyone about my eating disorder my GP belives I've just burned it off but I'll be getting weighed again soon to make sure I keep gaining weight I just don't want anyone to find out. I know it's difficult but do you know if it is possible to fully recover alone


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