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How long does it take for you to experience health problems from purging?


I have recently been diagnosed with EDNOS. I don't meet all the criteria for bulimia because I don't binge what is considered a larger than normal amount of food. However, I do purge quite often. Lately, I've been experiencing some chest pain and I've noticed my teeth are becoming kind of clear (like a greyish color). However, I'm not sure if this is a result of me purging. I was just wondering how long it generally takes to experience health problems and teeth damage from purging. I've tried looking it up online, but the only thing I've found is that it varies person to person. I don't really feel comfortable asking a doctor about this, so I'd really appreciate it if you could respond if you have any information about this. Thank you!

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Hi ClarissaS13,

I haven't got the answers for you I'm afraid but I'm interested in finding out. I've been purging for over a year and experienced the same symptoms, chest pain, and my teeth looking greyish. I'm trying hard to cut down the purging, using distractions after eating and avoiding my trigger foods. Hope you get the answers, just wanted to acknowledge your post and encourage you, it's worth overcoming, you are worth it x

ClarissaS13 in reply to Jots1234

Thank you for replying!

Suggest you go straight to your GP - chest pains can be serious and need checking. Purging results in serious health problems - some may not show now - but the damage you are doing internally will become apparent later and then it is too late to remedy - the damage to the throat, stomach etc - as well as problems with mineral deficiencies and electrolytes - so please get to your GP - you need to get help to stop this purging asap as I know from experience that the health effects can really be extremely serious.

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