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New here.

I joined this group because I am scared I am at risk for an eating disorder but I don't really know maybe it is just normal? I find myself looking at myself a lot in the mirror. I am EXTREMELY self conscious about my body and I know I am not fat but every time someone says I am skinny I really just don't believe it. I try eating healthy or cutting out things but I find its really hard and when i get upset all I want to do is eat and then when I eat something that isn't healthy I just feel terrible about myself and start worrying about my body again. Sometimes I try to skip a meal but I always find it is impossible because I just get so hungry.

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Suggest you contact ABC or BEAT helplines and talk through your thoughts and feelings with them - it may help you sort out what to do next. Perhaps chatting to your GP/nurse might also help - getting a balanced view of your body image and diet is so important so please do talk to someone who has experience of health issues.


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