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Losing faith in the system


Refered to the local mental health organization in February. Got what I thought was an actual appointment last month. Turns out it was an orientation- ya, sure, throw 20 anxiety ridden strangers in a room without telling them what was going on and show them a flipping slide show. Got a call Friday for a phone interview and then told the program just got news things are changing and only 20% of clients will get one to one counselling and that the rest will be group!

Feeling fat, and defeated. Somehow gained 8 of the 40lbs I lost back. There is nothing left to eliminate from my diet so guess it’s back to purging salad.

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What a disappointment - so much for a push to increase funding of mental health services - report the situation to your MP (from experience gets you no where but at least if we all keep high lighting the difference between words and reality it might eventually sink in). Have you tried contacting ABC - they are really supportive and have befrienders - do call their helpline or drop them an email. Good luck - and please don't let the system defeat you!

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