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I was discharged from therapy and cleared for anorexia a few months ago. I've always had body image problems and now they're worse again. I want to stop eating and the truth is I never wanted to start again, I'm just scared of being forced back into therapy again. I cant stop eating and it feels really bad and my clothes from when I had anorexia are getting tighter and my thighs are definitely getting bigger. I dont want to be seen anymore. I don't know what to do.

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Hey, I probs can’t help much but I’m in the same spot as you. There are days I just want to go back to restricting but I know it’s body dysmorphia and ED screaming at us that we’re fat because our clothes actually fit now. You’re probably experiencing extreme hunger if you say you can’t stop eating, but the only way to get rid of it is EAT!! Your body will realize it’s consistently being fed and you won’t have that mental hunger anymore x

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Suggest, how ever much you don't feel you want it, ,you make contact with the ED centre who helped you before and tell them honestly about your current struggles. Alternatively you could try contacting ABC helpline and talking to one of them about how you feel - its so important you get the feelings around food and body image sorted - recovery is not just about weight but about the thoughts and feelings that cause the issues in the first place and these don't seem to have been addressed in your case - so please do seek some help - don't struggle out there alone.

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