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Need strength

I have been hospitalised and I am currently on a refeeding plan. It is a lot of food and it is scary but I know it is good for me and I need it. My dietician has also said that I wont become "fat" and it will take a long time to put on any actual weight and some people have said that at the beggining, i would probably lose some weight absolutely in recovery and then very slowly start gaining. I just pray God will give me enough strength to stick to my meal plan.

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Remember you can do all things in God who strengthens you - will pray God will give you the strength and courage to continue your fight - the battle belongs to the Lord - he is our strength and our shield - good luck.


Thanks for your support it’s really hard they are feeding me so much deserts and it’s really hard you know because I have completely abandoned sugar for the past two years, it’s so scary and sometimes I feel like crying but I know I can do it. I have to do it.


We're all out here for you - your courage at accepting the treatment is an encouragement to all those suffering alongside you - I pray for your recovery and with it a wonderful life ahead of you.

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