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In recovery and refeeding meal plan

I have been taken into hospital yesterday for having a really low weight. My paediatric doctor and dietician think i have refeeding syndrome. Today was day 1, I had to eat a lot according to my meal plan. It was scary but I know its for my own good as i have to gain 8-9kg. How long does it take to gain at least half a kg according to a standard refeeding plan?

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Everyone’s body gains differently, some gain fast at the start and then it levels out but some gain slower at the start and then it levels out. But generally a week to gain 0.5-1 kg

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No person is exactly the same - but I think its terrific you are engaging with the treatment - don't give up - keep going - if only I had the support and help at your age my life could have been so different - all the anxiety, hardwork is worth it - so good luck.


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