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Anorexia symptom or something else?

A few days ago, I’ve been diagnosed with anorexia and my blood test is in a few days. Lately, I feel really itchy everywhere and I’m not sure but is it a symptom of anorexia?

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It's impossible to tell whether its related to your anorexia because extreme itchiness can be caused by lots of things from dry skin or allergies to kidney or liver damage. Make sure you tell your doctor when you see them of your symptoms so they can rule anything serious out. xx


I also struggled with this when I was first diagnosed! Eventually I concluded it was just a weird side effect of being very underweight and possibly linked to anxiety. Have it checked out, but rest assured it went away for me after a few weeks.


I found when i was suffering with my Ed my skin was so so dry and this is what caused the extreme itchy sensaion. However if you’re in recovery and starting to eat agin the body can feel itchy as it’s learning how to work again so can cause some funny sensations. If the itching gets too bad try some moisturiser as it could be as sinlke as dry skin. X


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