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Bloating anorexia recovery

I used to eat no more than 1200 calories a day, I am now trying to recover and gain weight, I am 5foot and weigh 35kg. I have been eating at least 2500 for over a month. My stomach is always really bloated and the rest of my body won't gain any weight anyone know how long this usually takes to get back to normal?

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Hey Lilly-2

So glad to hear that you're working recovery - starting to reintroduce food to a body that you have starved for so long is the hardest step in my opinion so you should be very proud of yourself!

Vis the bloating I totally get it - although every body is different it is very common for bloating to be constant as the stomach gets back to a normal size and your body starts to actually metabolise the food. This can take a while because, of course, your body is going into shock now that it is actually being fed so for a while the nutrients won't be being absorbed, hence why the weight gain is slow.

For me, the bloating began to subside after the first couple of months but try and stay away from things like legumes/broccoli etc that will exacerbate the bloating. Lots of liquids helped me - so smoothies and things like that.

Hope this helps and keep going


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Thanks for your advice 😊


hey. This is such an interesting read.

funny that alot of GPS don't understand this and often give you a false diagnosis of IBS in anorexia recovery.

Where did you find this advise about the nutrients . I guess this could explain certain things like hair still falling out and irregular periods. etc.

If nutirents are being absorbed turn the body still feels neglected?

Where did u don't thisinfo

I only ask ask it's the answer I've always been looking for but nobody has ever said it. When you say the weight is slow though,do you mean it will speed up and we could gain weight quicker than at the start

I just worry that comment could be triggering to some. xx


Well done for getting on the recovery journey - really great news. Bloating common - also the feeling of bloating "mentally" - just takes time for the body to get back to normal so give it a while to realise its actually being fed again. It also takes time for the body to metabolise the new foods so again give it a bit of time. Hope you are getting support on your journey as I know how hard it is to keep at it alone.

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Thanks for your advice 😊


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