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How to stop thinking about food? (anorexia recovery)

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I am recovering from anorexia and easily eating more calories to gain weight it's just that I can't stop constantly thinking about food any tips on how to stop this? Will I ever think normally?

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From my experience during recovery over a number of years it does take time to switch off - especially when the focus is on food and trying to regain weight. I find that making sure I have activities planned after meal times - such as crafts, going out, meeting people etc helps me focus on other things - good luck with recovery.

Humm distraction is a vital part of recovery- the mind is very powerful.. and so is an ed..try mindfulness and plan things to engage i afterwards although sadate things possibly better and help with digestion and indegestion puzzles are great mind abosobing activities! X and good luck keep going! 💐

Hi Lilly-2

I found that for me the deeper in to recovery I got the less I thought about food. I think once you’ve been eating properly again for a while & your mind isn’t scared of being starved anymore you can start to focus on other things :) right now recoery is your main goal so unfortunately things are going to revolve around food, but finding activities completely disassociated from food can help, do something you really enjoy that can focus your thoughts on something 100%. It doesn’t seem like it now but, with recovery does come a freer mind it just takes time :) x

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Thank you so much for your advice😊

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No problem x

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