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Restrictive eating disorder


Hello all

I suffer from a restrictive eating disorder and have had 3 failed ivf attempts which have impacted on my ED. Saturday i had a laparoscopy where the consultant removed a growth and sent other things for testing. Im just trying to recover now and want to start my next ivf but my ED is standing in my way. I just want to get better. The ivf consultant wont do it until i put weight on. Im now 47kg and i was 53kg in august and then the consultant wanted me to put at least another stone on.

Please help its so difficult. I see a psychiatrist and waiting for eating disorder clinic who although im still losing they say there are others who prioritise over me.

What do i do its just so hard.

Sorry to have gone on xx

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I'm so sorry about what's going on. I understand where you coming from because I had restrictive ED for a year and half but I'm all better now. If you don't mind me asking, whats stopping you for eating well? Is it the calories?

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Hello im pleased you are better from the illness.

Yes its calories i count calories in everything that i have thinking im going to get really fat. I know i need to put weight on to be able to get pregnant but my mind wont let me do it.

If i have bread one day my mind tells me im not allowed to have it for a week. Im scared of a biscuit or a chocolate. Its just getting me down. Xx

Have you tried ringing the ABC helpline - they are really good at supporting people - you are in such a hard place at present. Can you talk to your partner at all about how things are around food and gaining weight? You could also talk to the IVG doctor about the need to gain weight and the barriers - and perhaps he could refer you to a dietician while you wait for the ED referral?

Hello thank you for your reply i haven’t been in touch with ABC but i will look into that today.

I will ask my consultant also at the IVF clinic to see if they can help me in anyway- dietician or some other help.

Thanks again xx

Hi - I am so sorry to hear what you are going through.

Have you tried contacting Start2Stop, Lifeworks or Promis? They're brilliant and could really help - maybe even a stint as an inpatient just to help you with the mental side of things.

Try and tell yourself that the calories etc. are not for you (not for your head, ANA or not) they are for your body and the possibility of having a child. Because your body won't bring another human into this world until you start caring for it and yourself :)

Nobody said that it was going to be easy but recovery is with you all your life


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