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Tips to control the voice!


My twin has suffered with anorexia for some years. She tends to start her road to recovery and relapses. She’s talked to me at length about the voice in her head. I find it so scary when she describes what this voice says to her and how much it impacts her. I really want to help her control/block this voice out or learn ways to quieten it down because my sister says it’s the loudest it’s ever been. I am reaching out to you please to help me help her. Can I just say that I think your all amazing and should be proud of how well you’re doing. I know it’s hard ♥️

Please can you suggest ways that can help her block this voice. Thank you xxxx

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Hi dear. I'm glad to hear your sister has decided to go for treatment and seek help. A lot of ppl don't do that until It's too late but I thank God the voice of survival and wanting to stay alive and healthy is still in her and that is the voice that will overcome the evil one.

When I was suffering from anorexia/bulimia I also had this powerful voice in me that was controlling me and telling me what to do. At first I thought It's my own voice just wanting me to be skinny, but after I got healed and I gave my life to Christ, I discovered it was the voice of the devil. ED is a demon that wants to kill us and quench all the joy, peace and confidence we have in ourselves. The only way to shut it up is to pray and attack back - by eating. No matter how hard it is, your sister just has to eat. She has to take care of herself well. Thinking about the risks and the consequences of not eating. I got arrhythmia and allergy for dairy and grain products as a result of ED. They are now in my life as a reminder and as a teacher to always take care of myself and to help others as well. Your sister is blessed to have you by her side. It means a lot to her and I know she will get through it. The love of my parents helped me through it as well.

Sincerely, Maria


Thank you so much for taking time to reply to me and sharing your story.

I really pray my sister gets through this just like you have. I always remind her that she’s stronger than she thinks and she should be proud of how far she has come. I’ve read so much about AN. I try and be as understanding as possible to her and always tell that she shouldn’t be hard on herself. I just can’t imagine what it’s like to have this voice berating you all the time. She has 2 beautiful children and this voice always tells her that if she eats her kids will think she’s fat and her kids will hate her. I will continue to support her through this and encourage her to eat. I’m reslly grateful for your kind words. Well done and I will share with my sister your inspiring story ♥️♥️


Your twin is so lucky to have you to be able to talk to and to have your understanding. Getting professional help will help her recognise the voice of truth vs the ED - which is extremely powerful and loud - and tends to block all other thoughts. Standing watching your twin in such distress must also be hard for you - ABC has a wonderful support for carers and useful pointers - so do visit their website - their helpline might give you some help too. Do hope your twin finds her real self quickly and that recovery is permanent for her.


Thank you so much for the useful information I will definitely check their website.

I’m glad she can open upto me about it which I feel is a positive step forward. It’s just tough dealing with how the voice makes her feel and impacts her thoughts. I do struggle seeing her like this. AN has taken her smiles away, she was always so happy and joyful. It’s amazing how many people are going through the same challenges and it’s brilliant that there’s platforms like these where people can share their stories and help on how to beat these. Thank you so much for taking time to respond. I cannot explain how much it helps with realising we aren’t the only ones going through this. Thank you once again ♥️


Glad we can support you - ABC have befrienders who are really good and supportive so maybe that would also be something for your twin to think about? All blessings.


Thank you very much ♥️


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