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Recovering from recovery??

So for a few years I have struggled with bulimia which developed into anorexia and saw a CBT therapist for 8 months until I had restored my weight and a relationship with food. However due to recent life events I have relapsed into a disordered pattern of eating; I don't eat in the day or in public unless I have to, then eat a lot at night and binge sometimes. I don't have the effort to purge sometimes and have resorted to self harm sometimes. My eating is so strange because I can eat things with high calorie content when I am alone and with family but if I am with friends or in public I just can't. Because I am a normal weight I feel like a failure and I am just struggling a lot

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Firstly - you are not a failure - and never label yourself as such. EDs are an illness and no one blames themselves for the flu! Secondly - get back to your GP or medical services and ask for further support to help you through this difficult time. You've beaten the demon once - you can do it again - so do get some help before the pattern you describe becomes more serious.

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