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Still ED or doing better?

Hello, so I have lost some weight still but it hasn’t been nearly as bad as it used be. I was only recently diagnosed. I started out obese a year ago and now nowhere near that. Recently I have started to increase my protein intake and exercise in other ways to make me feel better about what I consider to be problematic things with myself. My weight has been kinda stable for a few weeks which is unusual for me but I’m trying not to fixate on the number. My therapist takes note of my smaller appearance but I don’t view it as she does(smaller but also more muscular so weight is stable-ish). She doesn’t know all of the changes I’ve made, we’ve had a lot of issues with trust. She flipped out over normal lab results because she misunderstood the report and threatened me with hospitalization and accused me of lying about the results (I told her they were normal just as I was told by 3 different physicians and so she didn’t look at the report for weeks, misunderstood a few being off for me was okay given meds I take for nerve damage and then she went off on me-she had ample time to ask questions of my doctors). I also am a private person and don’t want to rely on other people’s help so that’s why I have been doing my best on my own with making changes. I haven’t shared much in therapy since that incident as it’s kinda hard to recover from that especially with how she went about it. Any thoughts or feedback would be great.

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trust in therapy is so important - without trust and honesty its difficult to really move forward - have you thought of asking your GP if you could change therapist - or of contacting the ABC befriending service - its not counselling - but it really helped me to explore things and I found them supportive and we had a depth of trust which really helped.


I have considered changing, it’s just such a pain to do so. She kind of apologized for her reaction and mainly chalked it up to miscommunication but that’s not good enough. I don’t respond well to therapist sitting next to me on the couch and threatening me like she did. I also can’t see on my one side and she sat on my blind side so that didn’t help at all with that confrontation. Also her whole thing is that I need to do better but offers no concrete steps on that. So I made my own plan to do better while I wait for a dietician appointment. The whole experience is just frustrating and makes just want to quit and do it on my own. Stability is progress in itself and labs are fine. I’ve been tempted to keep the medical and dietician appointments just not therapy. Also what is ABC? Is that a U.K. thing?


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