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Chest pain??

Hi, I was referred to the eating disorder clinic by my gp back in November (I make myself sick after eating and use laxatives). She told me it will most likely be 3-4 months before I hear anything. In the meantime she sent me for an ecg. The ecg came back fine. I've been having chest pain for a while now but over the last month or so it's got much worse. I've been having treatment for depression and anxiety for years now so I thought it was just anxiety but even when my anxiety was at its worst I rarely had pain in my chest. It's mainly on my left side and sometimes in the centre of my chest. I also have been getting very nauseous and very tired. I don't know if they're linked.

Should I be worried or is it normal??

Thanks :)

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As long as you're being checked out by your GP that should cover serious physical issues - but if you are being sick and using laxatives (have you told your GP) this could also be part of the problem - especially the being sick part.


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