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Respite days from meal plans

Hi... I have a meal plan that I'm trying so hard to stick to ... i can go a few days eating it fine and just controllong my anxiety but then sometimes I just feel so sick and so full from all the food that i struggle to eat it and i feel terrible

Does anyone know whether it would be and to maybe have 1 or 2 days a week that I don't stick to the meal plan and just restrict... or will this cause me not to gain weight or get better??

Thank you

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Is this meal plan apart of your recovery plan?

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Making changes is really had - and EDs play tricks on your mind all the time trying to draw you back - rather than release you - my experience is that the feelings you describe relate to the ED - I hope you are getting counselling to help you with these feelings as they do need looking at. Its so easy to give your self a "day off" the recovery plan - its only when you look back you find that 1 day has become 2 - and without you realising recovery goes out the window and you are back where you started. Don't let the ED draw you backwards - stick to your meal plan and talk to someone about the thoughts and feelings you are having to help you through what is a difficult journey to recovery. Good luck - keep going.


Thank you so much for this reply I really needed that... you are completely right 1 day off does lead into 2 which leads into 3 and before I know it I've slipped right back... reading you writing that really just helped me realise. Thank you. I will keep going I want to beat this!!!

Ed does really attack the mind the thoughts are so horrible it such a mean illness.

Are you recovered now? I wish you all the luck too and thank you so much you helped me on a hard day 🙂💟

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