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I so want to be anorexic

I am so fat i weigh 96 kg and i think that's right anyway since i saw my gp about health and that she said I'm in a pre diabetic period since then i decided not to eat snacks and i feel so light and weak like today i skipped dinner and i usually have it before 6pm but I'm really hungry and my Carer said that it is to late to eat as I live in supported living and I think the best thing is that i should just drink water.

Any help would help! Thanks

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Hi Bexstar, firstly if you want to eat and are being refused food - thats abuse. Secondly Im not quite sure what kind of advice you are looking for but TRUST ME you DO NOT want to be Anorexic - it can be a fatal disease and as a sufferer I can tell you categorically it completely RUINS your life.

If there is some other sort of advice you need we are all here to listen.

best wishes



Anorexia is not a diet - its an illness and if I suggested you deliberately caught pneumonia you'd think I was mad - so becoming anorexic is not the way forward. Talk to your carer about what your GP has said and go back to the GP and ask for dietary support so that you can get your weight sorted out in a sensible way.


Hello, not judging but I echo the previous posters. I have been anorexic which about coincided with diagnosed depression. I didn't really know what I was doing. I was mentally distressed. I was not happy. I would rather be happy than too thin. Why couldn't you have a snack in supported housing? 6 pm seems early or are there set meal times? Even when I was anorexic I did not just drink water. We need food to fuel our brains. I just about sat my exams at school or home as I was too weak. Lucky I passed them. If I sound like I'm lecturing you I apologise. Please ask any questions or pm.

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