Night binge

Please help me. i can't avoid night binge

suddenly at 22.oo i always get another meal, or at 23.oo even midnight!!! and i mean a whole meal.

how can i stop doing this? even if im sleepy i go to the kitchen and stuff my face with food

ps. im skinny but still i dont want to eat that late!!!

any idea?

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  • Hello. Do you eat enough during the day> Maybe the binge may be due to not eating enough during the day? Also, have you talked to your GP?

  • Thanks for your reply. Actually i eat enough but i've got this bad habit when i got back from work (around 23.30) and hungry!! So i ate even at 1.30 hrs etc! I still cant brake this awful habit and i'm not even working now

  • I sometimes have an issue with eating during the night. I struggle with appetite and hardly ever feel hungry and for some reason at like 1 or 2 am, I wake up and need to eat otherwise I cannot sleep.

  • that's exactly what happens to me!!!! even at 2.oo i can get up and eat. and go back to sleep. do you know if it is ok? im in shape, i mean i dont think that makes me gain weight but i also think is a little weird :/

  • I cannot comment on your health tbh because I am not an expert. I can only tell you from my experience. I have bullimia, the non purging subtype and so I binge eat and compensate through exercise and skipping meals or restricting calories. However, the eating in the night actually started when I was trying to eat normally. I think when I eat more, my appetite actually improves and so that is when I wake up in the night feeling hungry as opposed to when I am restricting. But then on the other hand, because I exercise a lot, I can use up to 3000 - 3200 calories, so even if I do eat three proper meals and snack during the day, and even if I do not feel hungry, my body still needs more food and therefore even if I am eating during the night, I still do not gain weight. The pattern used to be before that I would restrict through the day and binge through the evening so during the night, I would be feel / have eaten enough or over eaten and I wouldn't wake up during the night. Also, I also have depression and that messes up sleeping patterns and so I found that before starting to eat in the night, my sleeping was messed up. I would over sleep, sleep too little or not sleep at all so I feel like my messed up sleeping pattern may also contribute to me eating weirdly.

    Have you talked to your GP about your eating during the night?

  • it's so interesting all you explain. thank you very much. please send me an e mail to

  • Hey, yeah I will do tomorrow :)

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