Help please

Hello my friends think I have a eating disorder because whenever I eat most of the time I always make myself sick but I’m not sure if I do have one or not

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  • You're bulimic

  • Oh

  • I am too, it's really difficult to give up. I hope the best for you.

  • I hope you the best too can I ask you somrthibg please?,.

  • Yep whatsup

  • Being sick every time you eat indicates you have an ED - and you need to get to your GP and tell him/her what's going on. It is extremely harmful to long term health as well as being ghastly for you - and you need help to sort out the reasons behind your problem and to address issues in your life so that you can get a normal relationship with food and with coping. Please do get help and get it now.

  • Not sure if you have an eating disorder, however, you need to seek professional guidance for your non-healthy situation.

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