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I’m out of control

Hey, im 14, female, 5.4 and weigh around 8 stone. I’ve lost 2 stone in the past 2 months (part of my story is a couple of posts back) but I think I’m getting worse I’ve started doing this thing and it sounds really disgusting but I chew food then spit it out just before I need to swallow it. This has led to me eating one small meal a day and that’s it. I’m currently doing around 12 hours of dance a week aswell as around an hour extra of workouts. My weight has significantly dropped i knwo im still fat, heavy and overweight but I’m starting to get a bit more worried. I’ve found myself restricting a lot more and I’ve cut most carbs as well as any type of chocolate or crisp out of my diet. I want to lose around 2 more stone but then again I can’t keep feeling like this as it’s destoryiny me. My friends often ask why I don’t eat my lunch and I tell them I just eat it when I get home and they believe it. I haven’t eaten lunch since around April. I haven’t spoken to anyone about this and i don’t know if I should coz I just want to keep losing more. I probably don’t even have an ed coz I’m so fat but there might be a chance and I think I’ve realised I do need help because I’m so down and people have stated to notice something isn’t right

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Talk to someone asap - at your height you are not overweight and clearly you have issues around your body image and your eating. The amount you are losing - the amount you are eating - your exercise regime and the other habits you are developing all indicate you have and ED and this is an illness needing treatment now - so please talk to your parents, a school counsellor/nurse, your GP - but get some help and get it now.


Hi Autumn,

I' m glad you posted how you feel as I can imagine It must be difficult to talk about It. What you do it's not disgusting and I think you don't have anything to be ashamed of. Other people suffer from it so know you are not alone and you're welcome here but i think it' s painful to go through and takes away your time and energy and can make you suffer a lot.

I m sorry to hear you have to go through this when you could be enjoy dancing and people around you without all these thoughts:(

How do you feel about people noticing something is not right? Aside from the weight and eating do you feel you need help?

Best of luck honey x


Please get help . I chew and spit food out all the time . It is addictive and compulsive, tell someone as soon as you can , you are not fat and you need to get help with this asap. Take care


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