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Hair loss and lack of recovery


I lost a stone of weight in a week. And probably half a stone three weeks before that. The half stone due to stress. The stone due to some sort of throat infection. That was back in jan and feb 2016. My diet wasnt great up until june 16. Working long 13 hour days. Not being hime to cook dinner eating take aways. Anyway i noticed my hair massicely falling in may 16. But it was dry tangly and hard to manage and unknown to me falling out from feb 16. In december 16 i noticed lanugo hair on my face. From June 16 my diet and food intake has been excellent. I dont weigh myself. So i think i am about 9 stone. Never had scales must check in work as their are scales there. I discovered gastrotis and h pylori infection in september 17. Got the treatment and stomach isnt sore anymore. Was burning pain in between meals and at night dr tols me for 2 years it was indigestion. The lanugo hair on my face started to come off at the start of November. It is preety much all gone. But my hair hasnt atarted regrowing and stopped falling out. The hair strands are all so thin even the ones that have come back. So thin they break when slightly tugged. I could have swung on my hair in Jan 16. Lost hair diffusely everywhere that hair grows on the body. It is all so much finer. I also have started noticing my fingers feet ank ankles swell on and off. Throughout the day and night. For no apparent reason. My bloods are all fine. Not bad to cause hair loss and stop the regrowth.

I was wonderinf if anyone has gone through hair loss and recovery and can tell me does your hair start growing back soon after lanugo hair goes away? I am weight restored to about 9 stone for what must be at least 18 months if not more. Not dieting eatig regular. I am wondering what the stages of recovery are in relation to hair hair growing back lanugo hair going. I cannot find much about this at all. My weightloss with the throat infection was sever and very quick

It took 2 months to put the weight back on after it. I didnt have a great appetite for long time could only eat small meals. But it has been so long now and i am seeing hair continually fall not regrow and strands beig so thin. It isnt heriditary. All females great heads of hair well into their 80s.

Please any vody share their story about how hair regrows and lanugo hair. What came first how log did it take. I am.hoping mt stomah infection is why it hasnt grown back sooner

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