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I need advice as the doctor isn't helpful

Right so just gonna get to the point with some information. My dad was anorexic at my age and this has been happening since I was 15, I'm 17 now and live alone.

So basically I barely eat. Maybe a meal every few days or snacking each day if I'm lucky. I have good times and bad times, sometimes I can eat a whole pizza sometimes I don't eat a meal for a week. I struggle to eat, my stomach may be hungry but like my mouth or throat just aren't and forcing food just makes me want to be sick. I've been like this since I was 15 but ever since my depression and anxiety and especially being alone now it's more difficult to make myself eat and then when i do eat it would be minimal and I couldn't bring myself to do anything. There's been two occasions where I've almost fainted and couldn't walk and then thrown up clear liquid whilst feeling dizzy etc.

I like to help myself so I have been to the doctor but they said as my weight is fine it's ok, my ex boyfriend disagrees, my hips stick out, I'm bony and getting too skinny to be healthy from his perspective, I don't have an issue with weight, I just eat what I want and I'm good so I don't think I'm too skinny or too fat I like my body.

So if I eat a meal every three days which may be a sandwich or ready meal, have average weight according to doctors and it's just due to stress (it's been almost 3 yrs) am I really ok?

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From reading your comments I would say its far from OK - and I think in your heart you know that things are not right. Perhaps a call to ABC or BEAT helplines might help you get things in perspective - and a visit to a dietician to help guide you into a more normal and balanced eating regime would really benefit. Don't accept what your GP says - you know things aren't right around food - and just putting it down to stress is not the answer - go back to him and tell him about what and when you eat - think he needs a wake up call!

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I'll check them out and hope for the best! Thing is I've been to multiple doctors and they all say the same = stress


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