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I haven't eaten much today, and I know I should be hungry, but I'm not. If I had the option of food right now, a simple french bread would be it. I am what my therapist calls an accidental anorexic- I don't eat because of a terror of contracting food poisoning, not always for weight loss ( although that plays a part too ) . I just need a few foods that won't make you gain weight and are also very safe to eat.

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Hi Little Rose, have you ever thought that the lack of nutrition could be causing your anxiety problems to get worse. There are doctors on internet sites who blame lack of certain vitamins and minerals for nervous disorders. Try a site called "" also a documentary called "food matters". You are a very smart young lady and i think you could find this really interesting. The more i looked into it, the more sense it made. I know since i started taking a high dose of vitamin c every day that i am able to function so much better than i was doing. I take other vitamins too that are specific to my problems.

Also if you struggle with food maybe juicing would help you. Apart from the goodness in the juice, a liquid is so much easier than a solid food to take in.

Little Rose, you will be amazed when you look into those websites and they are not quacks they are medical doctors who found a better answer than filling people up with chemicals.

Take care❤️


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