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Eating Disorder and Self Harm

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Hello guys. Foremost, some of you may find this a bit triggering as I talk about self-harm.

Recently went to my assessment of my eating disorder and they suggested that I may have bulimia non-purging subtype but I will find out next Monday for sure. They said they may put me on the waiting list for therapy, however, I self-harm - I pinch, punch myself and bite myself. Apparently, this interferes with treatment and I need to deal with self-harming before my eating disorder and for this reason, treatment may be delayed. The earliest I will receive treatment in March and so for it to be delayed further is already ages. They told me if I stopped self-harming that they would reconsider delaying treatment. They suggested I could draw instead or something - but essentially offered me no help. I don't know what to do. I have stopped like the clinical psychologist told me to but I feel like it helps and I haven't developed a coping strategy yet so it's resulting in all these angry and anxious feelings building up. Does anyone relate or have any suggestions that have helped?

Thanks for reading.

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Well done for seeking help and stopping the self-harm despite the feelings of anger and anxiety. I also self-harm; use laxatives and try to restrict what I eat-some days are better than others! My Dr has a good pair of ears and also said that I need to deal with the self-harm...finding alternative strategies and suggested talking therapies. I'm not sure I'm quite there yet or ready to take that step despite feeling beyond crap!

Drawing, writing, exercising, busying yourself are possible distractions but the biggest thing to do will be to change your mindset and train it to respond differently to the feelings that make you self-harm. Do you have a good friend that you can confide in who will listen and not judge?

I hope you get the help and support you need-sorry I don't have any words of wisdom! X

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Yes, I do have friends who will listen and not judge fortunately. They are supper supportive thankfully.

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hiiiii i've dealt with both anorexia and bulimia & self harm. no one in my family really cared they thought i would get over it in a week, you're lucky that you have a chance at getting help. about the self harm, someone had to help me with that, like my friend said that everytime i would self harm he would hurt himself and i didnt want him doing that so thats how i stopped. im so sorry if this wasnt useful at all but thats what helped me with self harming.

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That really sucks that your family did not care :( I hope you are in a supportive environment now! Oh wow, that is an interesting technique.

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