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somebody help me !!! please ?

hello ....

In my lifetime I believe I had bulimia........, however I did not binge and purge on a regular basis, I would do it ever so often and have the urge to do this regularly, BUT!!! now this is the big taboo I didn't do this often so obviously people would assume that OF COURSE I didn't have bulimia, however bulimia is the urge to purge on a daily basis something which definitely took over my whole body so in my opinion I believe I had bulimia not always physically but MENTALLY!!!!

now to get to the real topic I am 16 years old currently weighing 63kg, in my opinion I believe I am the most disgusting human being to ever walk on this planet, however I know that this is not true I am currently going through a stage in my life where I am stating to think with an eating disorder constantly worrying, constantly counting constantly obsessing the vicious cycle just goes on and on an on........ I don't have control over it and I can feel myself going deeper and deeper and I feel like I cant escape its got me and it wont let go. I eat a solid 3 meals a day and keep up a daily intake of around 1.900 calorie, I know you will probably think "well she doesn't have an eating disorder them" but no sticking to the belief that an eating disorder is in the brain and even though I want to have this control I don't and I really wan to!!!

so I need help please can someone give me some advice in this vast horizon of morbid expressions and unhealthy hearts...............................................................

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Suggest if you are at school/college you go and see a counsellor and talk through all that you've said above. Clearly you do need some help about your view of yourself and your self esteem - and the part food and eating play in all this. ABCs and BEATs website are also good - as are their helplines - but please do talk to someone about your thoughts and feelings before things get worse.


Hi, not sure how I can help at the moment....but I am here. Visited my niece on Weds, she is 31, weighing in at @40kg and in intensive care unit after suffering a perforated bowel with a lot of sepsis, uncertain kidney function, heart scan etc....and lucky to be alive. If things don't change for her then she is likely to die young :( Can i help anyone to avoid getting to this point?


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