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I dont know what's wrong with me

Recently i went to my second bridesmaid dress fitting and even after the dress was made to fit me, i couldnt breath, i had put on weight, they had to get me another dress size, a whole size up. When i got home i cryed infront of my family and i felt horrible, i refused to eat lunch or the dessert, i insisted i wasnt hungry, but when every one was in the living room and i was alone, i ate half a chocolate cake. I dont look fat i know that, but i hate the way i look, i hate going clothes shopping, i cant get anything over my but or thighs, i cant buy a pair of shoes for the wedding because of my wide feet, i even had to have a different type of earing because of my fat earlobes, i hate the way i am and i dont understand why i cant do anything about it, i just eat, eat and eat, im a pig my family and friends always comment on how much i eat.

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Hi, it looks like you could use a little help from a diëtist not because you think you are fat but because you say that you binge often. That can have some psychological reasons though so I recomend that you talk about it with someone you can trust. I talked to my parents yesterday about my eating issues and it actually helped. I wish you the best of luck!


Hello dear. I'm an ex anorexia/bulimia survivor. I used to guzzle food when I had my eating disorder but the way I was able to control it was to balance my eating during the day. Are you the kind of person that likes to eat only a few times a day and that's why on the next day, your appetite will be so high and you will feel like you want to eat the whole world? Yeah, that's the problem. You need to start making a timetable for your eating. Instead of eating only 3 times a day, start eating 5 or 6 times a day, small portions at a time. Cut off sweet and salty snacks but still, spoil yourself every now and then with the kind of foods you love the most. Eating things you don't like will only make you frustrated and angry.

Still, we both know that food is not the only problem. Whether you eat well or badly, you won't reach your goal unless you do some exercise. And that doesn't mean you have to start going to gym every day. Do the kind of sports you like! Is it walking, running, football, basketball, swimming, dancing etc? Take your friends with you and the challenge will become so much lighter and easier. Always remember you are not alone. Losing or gaining weight is a slow process and it is important you do it in the most healthiest way that is the best for you.

You also need to ask yourself these questions: Why do I think I'm fat? Why do I hate myself? Am I really fat compared to others? Who do I compare myself to? If you have genetically big bones and a big structure, you better give up with the thought of becoming like Twiggy or other short and slim models that actually looked like skeletons. That is not beauty at all! it looks ugly when you are bony.

Remember that confidence and self love start from within. No matter what you look like now, it's only temporary. Accept yourself, respect yourself and love yourself the way you are now and work hard towards the goal you want to become. Just be patient, have discipline and never stop believing in yourself. You can do it girl!

Love, survivor of anorexia/bulimia

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