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I did it 🙈

So I just told my mum about everything and came clean about how I'm feeling it wasn't as bad as I had expected but it was hard seeing the sadness in her face, she is ringing the doctors in the morning and hopefully it will go from there any advice on how to approach or start the conversation with your doctor or how to explain the way you feel ? I'm petrified

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Lord99, I'm glad that you took that first step forward in telling your mom. You may have seen sadness in her face but it's only becomes she loves you so much. As for the doctor, there isn't anything they haven't heard before. You might start off with "doctor, I think I have a problem" that will show him that you need his help and will open the door to him asking you questions. Relieving you of some of the anxiety. Have your mother with you (as I am with my daughter) so what you may miss in what the doctor is saying, your mother will pick up on.

You are going through the most important step now and that is recognizing a problem and addressing it. I'm so proud of you. I know it takes courage and strength and you showed that ability within yourself. Good Luck, it won't be as bad as you think. Please keep us updated xx


Firstly, well done, that's the hardest thing to admit it to those closest to you, that's a huge step and takes so much courage. As Agora1 says, maybe take your mum with you for support and so she can take in the information from the dr as I found it all daunting when I saw the dr. Maybe write down key things before going so you can share those with the dr. if it is difficult in there, or give what you have written to your mum if she accompanies you to share if you feel unable. From experience, the doctor will be pleased you have made the step and very supportive in whatever ways they can.

Good luck x keep posting xx


Hi dear. For you to go and talk to your mom is already a huge brave step! Eating disorder is a very strong and hard disease only we who go through it, can fully understand how it feels like and what it does to us, both physically, mentally and emotionally. The second brave step you have taken is to have the will to get help and not only from your parents, but from a doctor. In eating disorder two voices fight against each other in our head: We have a goal to become slim and light and beautiful like a feather (even if we know it's very unhealthy and dangerous and so so painful). That's why another voice in us shouts for help and rescue because we don't want to die or fall sick. This second voice that wants help is the right good voice and the step we all should take and have to take if we truly want to live and survive. I was sick only for a few months but the consequences I faced are still in my life since 2012 and only God knows if they will be there for the rest of my life as a teacher and as a reminder of the damage I did to myself. However that's why I'm here to help and encourage people so that they wouldn't make the same disastrous mistakes i did.

You are moving forward and no one can stop you from getting healed and better, except yourself. Just continue to be brave and strong and open about your experiences. You are not alone dear. You will make it! :) <3

Love, survivor of anorexia/bulimia


Icanhelpyou5, Your words of wisdom as well as personal experience can help so many who are dealing with ED. (including my own daughter) With all my medical training and I can't save her. She is very ill and suffers from several consequences of her anorexia. People need to know it goes deeper than a physical appearance. Her emotional and mental state are also deteriorating right in front of me.

Keep posting your encouraging messages. It may just save someone's life by giving them hope and knowing they are not alone. We learn through our mistakes, how beautiful that is of you to want to help others avoid those same mistakes.

I admire your strength, your positivity and your encouragement. Stay well. Stay Strong, Stay Safe. Agora1 xo


Thank you mam. I thank God for everything. At that time when I got better from my ED, I thought "what a waste of time, health and life it was." I was so angry at myself and still ofc, I wish I had never done it but still, as corny as it might sound like, I believe everything happens for a reason and as long as there is life, there is hope. If my mistakes and bad experiences can save a life and help someone, I will be more than happy and everything in the past won't look like such a loss for me anymore.

I thank you for your kind words and likes you gave me. I'm so happy I found this community where I can help young girls and boys and their families with advice and support. However, it is you mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers and other relatives that have the most important and biggest roles to play in your children's lives. Your love, understanding, patience and attention is what we need and want and cherish so much, even sometimes it might look like we are selfish and careless. Your daughter is blessed to have you fighting by her side. I wish you and your daughter more strength and help on your way to victory. If she ever needs someone to talk to, I'm here. Just let me know.

Love, Maria.

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