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Still confused

Been in recovery for 4 weeks after restricting for a year (it was only really bad for a month). The first three weeks I just ate whatever I wanted to and pretty much binged. Recently I made a homemade meal plan of 2000 calories and have felt great (still hungry though) because I'm not bloated. Now I think I need to eat unrestricted because I'm still having ED thoughts and fears like you wouldn't believe. I just binged today and plan on getting on track tomorrow. Should I? Or should I eat unrestricted (it's all mostly mental hunger which causes me to eat thousands and thousands of calories even though I'm full)

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Great you've done so much and set your own meal plan. However, suggest you contact your GP and get some support - fighting alone is really hard and it often helps to explore the issues around food - not just tackle the weight gain - you could also ring the ABC helpline - or visit their website - which is really good.


I do see my GP and counselor


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