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Eating disorder

Hello, everyone... I am new here and, as the majority of you, I have an eating disorder problem... Since I moved in UK almost 2 years ago, I picked up the habit to eat junk food: crisps, muffins, chocolate croissants and substitute a normal meal with one or two of these. I feel really uncomfortable in my body. I want to change my eating habits, but after 10-14 days I give up and start eating bad again. this is affecting my mood and also my relationship with my boyfriend, who is very emphatic but also doesn't understand why I overeat and I do it. I am also a scientists, in biology, so I know what is good and bad for me, portions, exercise and so on... I would like to have some help, to find a community or a free group therapy where professionals can talk to you and understand how to help you... every time I see food in front of me I can't stop and eat only on portion, but I have to drown my self into it! I am desperate. My last attempt was two weeks ago. after two weeks of healthy lunches and controlled meals I just gave up and ate whatever I wanted in very excessive portions. I am not obese but slightly overweight... Really want to stop this urge to eat as it would be the last day on earth with a stomach.

Thank you

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I completely understand. I found most of my childhood binge eating and it was horrible.

I started uni and I was away from home and it was a fresh start and I was the happiest I had been in ages and I naturally just stopped bingeing. I think maybe I had more control and I was happier so maybe if you identify where you may be struggling, it might help?

Have you been to a GP? Also, as you are a scientist, are you associated to a university? If so, they may be able to offer you some help.

Here is a link to self help modules. They may help: cci.health.wa.gov.au/resour...

Hopes this help

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