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I am thinking about quitting my job I just don't want to be there anymore since they found out that I was in eating disorder treatment they have moved me to four different departments and I can feel them constantly watching me it makes me so anxious the only thing is I have nothing else to fall back onto and I live with my mum she would probably kick me out if I didn't have money for her

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This is awful! They should not be treating you like that because you have an ED. People are always like others should be more open about mental health and then they go an discriminate people who are. That is crappy. I think maybe, you shouldn't quit your job right away. You should try apply for other jobs and then quit, so you have a safety net. How did they find out about your treatment? Accidentally or did you tell them? if applying for a new job, would you be at a position not to disclose about you ED? Hope this helps and i'm sorry about your situation.


Don't know if you can talk to your mum - but now might be a good time. I know that when I left work for similar reasons I found it really hard - but after talking about it with my parents I was amazed at their support - they didn't understand - but they supported and helped me get the treatment I needed and to keep a roof over my head - hope you get through this.


I cant talk to her but it's ok I should be alright

Kinda freaked out right now

I txt my therapist asking fora break and I don't even know why I did it I was in such a panic about everything


suggest you txt your therapist again and ask to talk to her about the panic and what was behind it.


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