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Not sure where to get advice

Hi, a few months ago I developed bulimic tendencies (coming from a restrictive diet but lacking self control I think with age and stress from multiple directions) Wednesday was particularly triggering and I had a major binge just to purge. It didn't help!

All that has happened is I've pulled my stomach muscles and really hurt my throat. It hurts to swallow now. Is there anything I can do to relieve this? I don't want to seek medical advice and have to admit what I've done, I just can't open up about this to anyone around me. Feel stupid on so many levels.

Can anyone who understands please offer advice, thx x

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I unfortunately do not know what to do because I do not purge. However, I wanted to comment anyway just to provide reassurance.

Maybe, you could google stuff online as to what to do?

It really sucks that you cannot open up to anyone around you. Perhaps if you are near a walk in clinic, you could go in? I mean, that may be better than seeing a GP who may be regular to you and if you do not feel comfortable, you could write it down? I know that obviously, these are steps that are really scary but it may help?

Also, no, it is not stupid. I completely understand because with my ED behaviours, it's like, why the hell am I doing this to myself? What is the purpose? This is only hurting me and it is silly. However, it is not. You are not stupid, you are strong. A nurse told me that to listen to the voices in your head, it is strong (even though it won't feel that way). As in, it is difficult to restrict calories when your body needs food and to make yourself throw up and to listen to those voices that are telling you to go against eating properly.

I hope that things get better and that this helps?

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Thankyou for your reassurance and kind words. I looked online but haven't yet found much for after care, may be looking in the wrong places x


Hi I suffer from bulimia and have also hurt my stomach from doing this. I now have difficulties with digestion and have to stick to bland foods as I suffer from indigestion frequently. To relieve this I eat a lot of yogurt and drink milk. I know it myself how difficult it is to speak out but I would strongly advise to speak to your GP as you could hurt yourself. I hope you find the support you need 🙂

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Thanks for your reply. I saw my dr a while back before these tendencies really took hold, was once or twice a week when restricting failed, but lately is once or twice a day. I have a referral now to ED clinic it that's not until 12th September but at least there's a light at the end of this current tunnel.


That's really good, it's a first step. I'm glad to have helped :)


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