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Do I have an eating disorder??

Evening all, I need advice as I consume a total of 800 calories a day this is both drink and food as I eat a sandwich and drink a maximum of 900mills of fluid a day. Can this be considered an eating disorder? Weight has always been a major difficulty for me due to other health issues but saying that I weigh in at 98.9 kg. I often starve myself and have dropped my fluid intake down to 200mls in one day recently.

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suggest you need a visit to the GP - eating so few calories a day and restricting your diet like this is not a healthy approach and has health issues due the it being likely that your nutritional balance is not good. It sounds like you are aware you are restricting and that you perhaps need help looking at the reasons for this. You could also visit ABC website - they have great advice and offer telephone support - so give it a try - but do talk to someone and get some help.

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Thank you for your advice, I will look into getting help from the doctor as I have been doing this for some time now.


Hi sunshine,

I have to admit, your story sounds ever so similar to what mine was just a few months ago, I'm going to state the obvious, you should probably go to a gp, or at least tell someone you trust. HOWEVER I know that you are probably hesitant to do so, so try following some tips which helped me a lot

- hide the scales: it will be hard at first but it helps to stop panics if you gain a little.

-try not to count calories: even if it's just for a day at a time, if you can, try to go somewhere for lunch like a cafe where you don't know the calorific values

-don't check your figure in the mirror: SERIOUSLY ON THIS ONE the mind can play horrible tricks on you when you are feeling self-conscious and it can make it seem like you're "not good enough". There is no such thing as "not good enough" no one will love you any less, and if they do, then tell them to piss off.

-do it for the energy- you'd be surprised, ever since I've started eating a bit more I've had all this extra energy to do stuff which I didn't know I could have, and by having more energy somehow my relationships with my friends and family have become stronger and I feel stronger because of that!

Keep shining bright sunshine

Lots of love and hope,

Running girl

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